A packed out crowd gathered with excitement at the Sway / Nex Cubed headquarters in the SF financial district for the Nex Cubed winter showcase. Momentarily, Kelsey Morgan, co-founder of Nex Cubed would unveil the latest cohort of incubating companies.

Nex Cubed is a frontier tech investment firm that, among other things, operates an incubator for early stage technology companies. Kelsey shared the mission and vision for theNex Cubed incubator and explained the thesis around frontier technology and AI. The current cohort is nothing short of amazing. The companies are  are sequencing human movement (BioVirtua), accelerating clinical trials (Trials.ai), connecting brands with influencers (Endorsify), unifying data management (Mesh Candy), and automating retail pricing (RapidMathmatix).

For Trials.ai, tonight was an important coming out party. Throughout our incubation, guided by our expert mentors Tom Giles and Iqubal Hussain, we laid a plan that would enable Trials.ai to disrupt the clinical trials market. More important, however, is what we accomplished during our incubation. 

  1. Customers. We closed our biggest customer yet and in 3 short months we booked more revenue than we had in the prior year.
  2. We built an amazing team. In order to tackle the technical challenge we added four full time resources  to our engineering/product team.
  3. We raised money. Prior to joining Nex3, Trials.ai was totally bootstrapped by customer and founder money. We closed a pre-seed convertible note round of $750,000 to enable us to execute on our plan. 

Kim, as always, delivered an excellent pitch. The crowd connected with our mission and approach to the market. Needless to say the next few hours were validating as many in attendance had experience with clinical trials and resonated with our mission and vision for the future. 

The Nex Cubed incubator was transformative for Trials.ai and we certainly couldn’t have gotten this far without them. Big thanks to the whole team at Nex Cubed as well as our fellow cohort.

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