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The Past and Future of Clinical Trials – Part III

By Fuad Rahman | June 17, 2019 |
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Where can AI impact the clinical trials process directly? Application areas include increasing trial efficiency through better protocol design, patient enrollment and retention, and study start-up, which were each named as prime candidates for improvement by nearly 40% of sponsors in a recent ICON-Pharma Intelligence survey. With clinical trials accounting for 40% of pharma research…

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The Past and Future of Clinical Trials – Part IV

By Fuad Rahman | June 9, 2019 |
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At last year’s Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society conference (HIMSS 2018), Mayo Clinic announced that it increased enrollment by 80% by using IBM’s Watson AI platform for breast cancer. Dr. Kyu Rhee, chief health officer at Watson Heath, further stated, “Watson for clinical trial matching understands key patient attributes and how to identify them in a…

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The Past and Future of Clinical Trials – Part II

By Fuad Rahman | May 29, 2019 |
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An effective trial needs to be patient-centric, with solid study design and execution, supported by real-time analytics. It should also have good patient input and provide insights to the sponsor.  Designing, conducting, executing, and reporting on clinical trials involves many complex issues. These issues include, but are not limited to, the duration of the trial,…

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The Past and Future of Clinical Trials – Part I

By Fuad Rahman | May 20, 2019 |
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Today is a very important day on our calendar – it’s International Clinical Trials Day, May the 20th. Dr. James Lind is recognized as the first physician to have conducted a controlled clinical trial in the modern era. Lind was a Scottish naval surgeon and worked on British Royal Navy ships in the 16th century. He noticed…

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By Kim Walpole | March 15, 2019 |
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We are excited to announce that is now a resident company of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS San Diego, a premier life science incubator program. JLABS is a global network of open innovation ecosystems, enabling and empowering innovators to create and accelerate the delivery of life-enhancing health and wellness solutions to patients around the world.  As…

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By Kim Walpole | February 2, 2018 |
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A packed out crowd gathered with excitement at the Sway / Nex Cubed headquarters in the SF financial district for the Nex Cubed winter showcase. Momentarily, Kelsey Morgan, co-founder of Nex Cubed would unveil the latest cohort of incubating companies. Nex Cubed is a frontier tech investment firm that, among other things, operates an incubator for early stage technology companies. Kelsey shared…

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