ZS has acquired Trials.ai!

Enable faster clinical document creation by digitizing, automating, and adding intelligence in an end-to-end connected process


Because patients don’t have time to wait!

Our Smart Study platform is revolutionizing the manual way research teams create study documents.

In the digital age, humans cannot physically read and digest every bit of information relevant to a given decision. In addition, almost every company has valuable data that is not being used - more often than not, documents are living in repositories with no line of sight. As a result, companies life science companies are making important and costly decisions with incomplete information. We aim to take companies like yours from a document-driven environment into a data-driven one.

We are reimagining how clinical trials are researched and planned by removing the barriers between data and end-users. We do this by mining massive amounts of trial-related documents from both customers and the public domain— so you don’t have to. Those data then become the foundation for machine learning insights and recommendations.

We aim to provide a connected decision support ecosystem – resulting in happier patients and increased efficiency for shorter timelines and better outcomes.


Big data for better decisions

The Trials.ai platform leverages state of the art, artificial intelligence by way of NLP and ML to optimize clinical trial protocols for speed and efficiencies.


Data Mining

Our algorithms mine massive amounts of trial-related documents.


Clinical Trials Ontology

Targeted training and tuning with our ontology allows for greater precision.


Smart Study Creation & Connection

We see a world where optimized protocols as data feed downstream documents and systems to speed study startup and decrease manual inputs and errors. Below are just a few things we're currently focusing on at Trials AI:

  • Objectives & Endpoints
  • Inclusion / Exclusion
  • Study design
  • Outcome measurements
  • Regulatory guidances
  • Schedule of assessments
  • Connect to downstream systems and speed study startup
  • Access the latest literature at your fingertips
  • Unique ML algorithms to flag potential threats

Across All Therapeutic Areas

The system cross-compares data across all therapeutic areas from past trials, medical journals, thought-leader articles, clinical, regulatory agencies and other trial-related documents to find similarities, provide recommendations and surface contextual points of interest.



Optimize for Time, Cost, Risk, and Patient Centricity

Think of Trials.ai as the best second opinion you’ve ever had. The result is an optimized trial that ultimately enables a new treatment to reach patients faster— all through the lens of time, cost, and patient-centricity. Algorithms under development include a focus on amendments, trial complexity, and patient burden.

Our system also looks for potential pitfalls that might need to be flagged and adjusted. Get feedback about how each decision you make affects:








Patient Centricity

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How AI can improve trials’ likelihood of success

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